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Look in the newspaper or listen to network news at nine or any other hour or virtually any day of the week you will find at least one business scandal in which a country appears to have violated the rules or standard of behavior generally accepted by the society.

    Toxic waste have been allowed to floe freely into a river, bribes have also been paid in order to secure a contract, child labor have been used to assemble some products,  and discriminatory practices have presented the employment or promotion of members of a particular group and so on. 

   Thus given the increasing social impact of business.  Newell (2002) argued that business ethics emerge as discrete subject over the last 20 years to influence the professional manager's behavior especially to be Honest in his activities with the members of the public whom he serves with his company's product and services. On his own part, Degeorge(2005) observed that business ethics is concerned with exploring the moral p…


Business enterprise, small, medium or large requires some basic needs for its proper functioning. For instance, a hawker of ware of needs premises, some sell, and at times a shade where to sell.

         The  mechanic needs premises, some tools and other people who need skills to service vehicles for his customer. An electrician would need tools and assistance in other to carryout repairs in other people's  houses. It also follow that business where raw materials such as groundnut, cotton, sea-nut, cocoa, rubber among others,  have to proceed certain basic needs to be acquired to be able to operate effectively. These needs are called resources; They enable a firm to complete favorably with other firms in the market place.

 The following are some of the basic needs or resources required by an entrepreneur before the commencement of the business operations :

(1) Money
     Money is needed in all aspects of business,  in order words, money is indeed at all levels of business formati…